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Beyond Generations - Microsoft/Xbox

Beyond Generations - Microsoft/Xbox - Xbox


Title: Beyond Generations
Brand: Microsoft/Xbox
Product/Service: Xbox
Client: Microsoft/Xbox
Entrant Company: McCann London
Agency: McCann London
Production Company: Craft
Entrant Company Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 18 December 2020
Duration: on-going
Individual Credits: Rob Doubal & Laurence Thomson, CCOs McCann UK & Co-Presidents McCann London
Individual Credits: Sanjiv Mistry & Jamie Mietz, ECDs
Individual Credits: William Cottam & James Crosby, Senior Creatives
Individual Credits: Design: Lisa Carrana, Head of Design; David Coates, Designer
Individual Credits: Strategy: JJ Bender & Mike Phillips, Senior Planners
Individual Credits: Jessica Tamsedge, Managing Director
Individual Credits: Business Lead: Sailesh Jani, Managing Partner; Oscar Flintoft, Business Director; Melanie Vickers, Account Director
Individual Credits: Business Lead: May Sinlapa, Senior Account Manager; Eloise Thompson, Account Associate
Individual Credits: PM: Clare Prager, Project Director; Georgia Wettenhall, Senior Project Manager
Individual Credits: Sergio Lopez, Chief Production Officer
Individual Credits: Alec Christie & Alexia Merrington, Executive Producers
Individual Credits: Zara Balfour, Senior Producer
Individual Credits: Pedro Pinto, Head of Post Production
Individual Credits: Jamie Cooper, Post Producer
Individual Credits: Sarah Hall, Producer
Individual Credits: Liam White, Senior Print Producer
Individual Credits: Chris Fowles, Director
Individual Credits: Michael Flatt, Global Integrated Marketing Director - Xbox
Individual Credits: Jack White, Global Integrated Marketing Lead - Xbox
Individual Credits: Taylor Smith, General Manager, Xbox Brand Marketing - Xbox
Additional Credits: Steve Tester, Print Producer, Craft
Val Boyce and Molly Strasser, Production Business Affairs, Craft
Zara Balfour, Producer, Craft
Terrence Wilkins, Director of Photography, Craft
Chris Davey, Composer, Craft
Alex Young, Editor, Craft
Toby Burden, Assistant Producer, Craft
Ashley Joiner, Assistant Editor, Craft
Marti Guiver, Assistant Camera, Craft
Luke Makepeace, Assistant Camera, Craft
Mihai Meirosu, Sound Design & Mix, Craft
Steffan Perry, Grade, Framestore
Simon Hall, Online Editor, Craft
David Devine, Covid Supervisor, Craft
Son of Alan, Illustrator, Son of Alan
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