The Gerety Awards are open to all advertising agencies, advertisers, studios and production companies worldwide.
Both national and international campaigns may compete.

Entries submitted must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval between January 1st, 2021 and the closing date. 

Single entry €290. 
Portfolio Cut €600. 
Campaigns €600.


Work can be entered in any of the following cuts:

Communication Cut

For brand led campaigns that use creativity and/or storytelling used to get your message across in any medium. This Cut is for the majority of traditional brand led campaigns.

Craft Cut

For creative work where the execution is just as important as the idea. Craft is judged by Animation, Art Direction, Cinematography, Copywriting, Direction, Editing, Illustration, Music, Sound Design, Photography, Typography, Production Design and Visual Effects.

Entertainment Cut

Using mediums for creativity and content that is or will be a part of modern culture. Operations designed to reinforce brand values in the context of entertainment and/or original content, using branded products or services via appearances in pre-existing films, television shows or other media, which enable brands to gain or reinforce status from the context in which they are placed.

Experience Cut

When advertising has brought new experiences to the client transforming the expected. Ad experience is seamlessly executed and the content is consumed without force, entries optimize the customer experience for even the slightest and most mundane interactions, from product packaging to customer service.

Works for Good Cut

For work with a purpose that benefits users and the world as a whole. Entries celebrating creativity that positively impacts culture and helps progress the world. Works for Good entries  go beyond impacting brands by offering a public service element. 

Health Cut

Creativity that helps brands change life for the better and promote personal wellness.

Humour Cut

Making other people laugh is one of the most refined arts in entertainment. The Humour Cut celebrates the very best of funny advertising.

B2B (Business-to-Business)

For advertising and communication from the B2B sector where creativity is used to promote or sell products and services between two businesses.

Pharma Cut

We celebrate creativity in communications from pharmaceutical clients, for prescription medications, devices and services in this highly-regulated industry.

Innovation Cut

Data and tech driven creativity that is transforming the industry. This category looks into the creative use of data to engage consumers, with planning, insight and strategy at their core: from PR agencies creating brand loyalty and trust through earned-media exposure to media agencies using unique channel strategies.  

Media Cut

The latest and very best use of Media both traditional and new to reach clients. Advertising and media planning that uses media, including digital, ambient, stunts, guerrilla marketing, installations etc. in an original way.  

Portfolio Cut: Agency / Production Company of the Year - By Country

The executive jury sessions held in Brazil, Mexico, USA, UK, Denmark, Russia, Austria, Philippines, Belgium, and Japan will each choose the agency and production company of the year from their country.

Agency and Production company of the year by country will be chosen from the entrants of the Portfolio Cut. (Entrants should submit a 5-minute reel of up to 3 pieces of work)

No logos or branding in the portfolio cut apart from logo for thumbnail image


How it Works

The Awards will reward the highest and purest standard of creative excellence in advertising and communications.

Entries will be judged on the originality of the creative ideas and the quality of their executions.

A numerical voting system will be used, and winners will be determined by the absolute scores achieved regardless of the product advertised or medium submitted.

The Awards encompass NINE mediums of entry within each CUT which includes: TV/Cinema, Print, Alternative, Online films, Digital, Radio, Product & Design, Mobile and Integrated campaigns. Both national and international work may compete.

Work may be submitted as single entries and/or as a campaign entry where the force of the creative idea is enhanced by a series of different executions.

TV/Cinema, Print, Alternative, Online films, Digital, Radio, Product & Packaging design, Mobile campaigns, and integrated entries will be grouped together in the CUT they were entered for judging.

International Executive juries from around the world will determine a short-list of finalists that will be submitted to an International Grand Jury of creative experts for final evaluation.  Each entrant authorizes the organizers to duplicate their entries digitally for this purpose if their entries are short-listed.

The votes of the International Grand Jury will determine the Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze winners of the competition. 

Winners will receive trophies. Gold, Silver and Bronze must reach a predetermined score.

Only one Grand Prix will be awarded in each CUT if the Grand jury majority decides a gold winner in that cut is deserving of a Grand Prix.


Important to Know

Companies based in France will be charged French TVA (VAT) at the prevailing rate.

Entries from all other countries are exempt from French TVA in application of articles 259 A-C of the CGI (French tax code). 

To promote the Awards and secure media coverage for Gerety winners and finalists, each entrant authorizes the organizers to copy their entries and to produce images from their films to appear in social media, books, magazines, and newspapers that publish information on advertising or marketing internationally.

Each entrant also authorizes the organizers to duplicate and digitize their entries within an international compilation of finalist and award-winning commercials on the internet.

Under no circumstances shall the organizers, their authorized representatives be held responsible for the payment of royalties or other charges in connection with the activities described in rules above. Each entrant agrees to hold the organizers and their authorized representatives harmless against any claims in these respects.

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